Engagement Ring Styles Guide

Choose The Perfect Ring For Her Personality

Deciding on an engagement ring can really be a daunting process, after all, it is for a very important moment in your life. To give you an idea of the ring that would suit her down to a tee, continue reading to discover engagement ring suggestions based on her lifestyle and personality.

The Modern Minimalist

If the love of your life is a passionate adventure seeker who is into no-fuss, no-frills fashion, solitaire rings are likely to be your best choice. This classic design will never go out of style. Despite the simplicity in design, a solitaire ring still offers the option to have gorgeous side detailing.

If she has an outdoorsy lifestyle, consider picking a ring made of Platinum, an incredibly durable and one of the heaviest precious metal out there. A platinum engagement ring would be able to handle the pace of those who enjoys the outdoors and adventure better.

The Confident Go-Getter

If your other half has a bold and outgoing personality, chances are the “less is more” philosophy does not apply. A halo engagement ring may be just right for her lifestyle. The halo setting has multiple diamonds surrounding the larger center diamond. This effortlessly eye-catching style make the center stone appear larger and is for those with an exceptional love for sparkle.

The Elegant Sophisticate

Does she have an eye for luxury and believes that the beauty of everything shows in the smallest details? For elegant and undeniably stylish ladies out there, a vintage-inspired engagement ring may be the perfect choice. With beautiful and intricate detailing, this ring style is absolutely stunning when viewed up close.

The Feminine Romantic

Does your other half have an affinity for the hidden meaning behind things? If she enjoys the simple things in life but also love a little sparkle, a three stone engagement ring may be just what you’re looking for. This unique trilogy of diamonds usually signifies a couple’s past, present and future. Whether with a larger centre stone or all three stones in the same size, this setting may be the one for sentimental brides who want something unique.

The Quirky Trendsetter

If she is a bit of a rebel, a trendsetter instead of follower and is unconventional in most of her choices, a ring that is a little daring to steer clear of anything similar to her friends and peers may be an ideal choice. Consider engagement rings with unexpected details to highlight her individualistic style if the love of your life is a living definition of originality.

Choose The Perfect Ring For Her Hand

Choosing an engagement ring that flatters her hand is similar to picking clothes that suit one’s body type and occasion. So, take a good look at your partner’s hand and continue reading.

The key in getting a suitable ring for petite hands and fingers is proportion and not to overpower. Delicate designs and smaller round diamonds would be perfect to create an attractive geometric top view and give a softer look as well. Radiant and heart shapes should be avoided for petite hands as these shapes tend to look bigger and fuller, which makes the hands look even smaller.

Fingers that are long would suit most styles and have many options as long fingers accommodate a variety of diamond shapes fairly well. Popular choices could include princess cut and heart shaped diamonds. If she has generally long fingers, you can consider rings with wider bands. Shapes to avoid would be marquise and emerald as these shapes may make the fingers appear longer.

Soon-to-be brides with fuller fingers and smaller hands can consider rings with diamond shapes such as wide rectangle, princess, oval or pear. Consider statement rings with multiple bands to draw attention towards the ring instead of her fingers. Choosing a medium to thick band that does not show too much skin on either side of the ring helps the finger to appear more slender.

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