Proposal Ideas

Wondering how you are going to pop the question? Planning a proposal can be a little different now that we are in the new normal. Grand movie-like proposals may not be possible. However, it can still be as memorable and romantic as before. Here are some low-key proposal ideas that will bring surprises at the comfort of your home.

#1 Focus on Mutual Hobbies

With extra time on hand due to social distancing and staying home, many of us rediscovered our hobbies. Hobbies are habitual and adding a proposal as a surprise element will definitely be an unexpected one. If your partner loves reading, a bookmark proposal might surprise them when you swap out their usual bookmark for one with an engagement ring attached. If gardening is something you and your partner enjoy, creating terrariums together as an activity is also a great way to propose. You can utilise the terrarium as a ring box instead of the traditional ring box to propose.

#2 The Most Romantic Hunt

A scavenger hunt can be an exciting and romantic way to propose at home. Turn an outdoor scavenger hunt into an at-home scavenger hunt by using post-it notes as clues for your loved ones. To start, leave a clue somewhere obvious. For example, if your partner drinks coffee every morning, you might leave a note on the coffee counter that tells them to go into the living room where they will find another clue. Make the clues personal and lead them to spots in the house or objects that have meaning in your relationship. Lastly, make sure the clues lead to you, on one knee with an engagement ring in hand.

#3 Make it a (virtual) family affair

Having family members involved with your proposal is something very heart-felt for both you and your partner. Technology allows us to be present even when we are physically apart. Break the “’will you marry me”? phrase into single words and assign different family members with each word. Have them write their assigned words on a piece of paper. On the day, initiate the family call session and wait till they display their words one by one to form the sentence. It might be a good idea to do an online rehearsal beforehand. However, be ready for some improvisation if needed!

#4 Bring the picnic to wherever you are

Can’t go out for a picnic at the park? No problem! Bring the picnic to wherever you are. This at-home picnic proposal idea recreates the outdoors in your living room, garden, rooftop or even your balcony. Lay down a thin layer of cloth and organise a romantic picnic platter with fancy bread, biscuits, cheese, fruits that she likes and champagne for celebration. When the moment is right, bring out the ring. Or you can hide it within the food platter or in the picnic basket and trick her into looking for something else but end up finding the ring instead.
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