Why D&P

Companionship and blissful unions from young to old, are our business. Authentic customer service coupled with the timeless appeal of its jewels, has allowed Diamond & Platinum to unify over 50,000 happy marriages in Malaysia and Brunei for more than 20 years.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should choose Diamond & Platinum for your once-in-a-lifetime love.

1. Diamond & Gems straight from mine, for fairer prices

Over 30 years, we have perfected our process of product creation, starting from our ability to source directly from diamond and gemstone mines, straight to consumers. This is made possible as our founder is highly involved in its ethical sourcing straight from ethical miners in Australia, Botswana, and Myanmar, and subsequently setting a precise standard for in-house gemologists to purchase qualified gems for a fair price, passing down direct savings to consumers.

2. Perfection in craftmanship & pioneer in Platinum

Diamond & Platinum’s customisation consultation service is the market’s most fairly priced. Since the expertise of D&P’s designers, gemologists and craftsmen all under one roof, significant savings are passed on to customers. Our exceptional quality products are proudly manufactured in our in-house factory, employing over 50 highly skilled craftsman and exclusive technology, allowing for the strictest and highest quality control. As a result, Diamond & Platinum is able to be consistent over 30 years in creating above average quality products, rivalling premium international brands for a reasonable price. 

Diamond & Platinum also pioneered the technology of platinum for engagement ring and wedding bands in Malaysia. As a precious metal, wearable platinum PT950 is highly sought after in bridal and men’s jewellery because it is durable and beautiful with longer wear. Customers prefer the fact that it is 95% pure, safest to wear for sensitive skin and compatible with the Muslim faith. Until now, only very select few Malaysian jewellers have the experience and skill to create platinum jewellery locally to a wide scale and reach as D&P.

3. Over 50,000 happy marriages served with fact-based customer consultation

Lifelong bonds are based on trust – that is the leading value in how Diamond & Platinum’s team members build relationships with customers, based on honest product experience and fact-based education. Customers are encouraged to compare with competitor brands’ products, to understand how Diamond & Platinum products are the best value for affordable budgets. Our customers are professionals who appreciate superior quality construction, seeking classic to contemporary designs to suit their loved ones.

4. Market leader in innovation designs for young professionals

Diamond & Platinum is the go-to market leader in introducing innovative designs for budget-savvy and environmental-conscious young professionals. Diamond & Platinum’s signature designs are identifiable by its multi-wear functions, such as convertible pendant-to-ring and stud-to-dangling-earrings designs. Our jewellery design process is based on lasting-trend predictions every season, enabling our company to invent chic new designs for couples to show growing affection, as they commemorate each special occasion, birthday, anniversary and milestone.

5. Domestic leader in premium diamonds

In year 2004, Diamond & Platinum launched Estrella diamonds, with the vision of sourcing perfect diamonds to pursue unconditional love at its purest form. Only 0.1% of the world’s diamonds pass the test to be branded as an Estrella diamond, with uncompromising stringent checks of best light performance, perfect hearts and arrows, triple excellence in cut. Estrella diamonds are well-known for their maximum performance in brilliance, fire and scintillation, making it the undisputed top consumer choice for a once-in-a-lifetime promise.

We are also an exclusive licensee in distributing Forevermark Diamonds, which is awarded by Forevermark to leading diamond experts in the region after strict audits, determining that Diamond & Platinum has the widest reach of local consumers in Malaysia and Brunei, adherence to ethical social responsibilities (from purchasing to customer service to waste management), factory capability and quality superiority.

We welcome you to compare and customise your jewellery with us for fair prices. If you would like to understand more about the difference between GIA diamonds, Estrella diamonds and Forevermark diamonds, you can read more here.

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